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Where others might settle for what's out there, we always strive to find a better way.

The heart of our door frame, the Ektacron® vinyl wrap profile system was invented by Inkster Park Millwork in 1993. It's the robustness of this frame that keeps any door straight and true.

Ektacron® profiles feature a tough, heavy gauge, UV stable vinyl (PVC) surface, thermally formed and bonded to a specially milled wood profile, using environmentally friendly, exterior rated, waterproof PUR (polyurethane reactive hot melt) adhesive technology.

Just to be sure, we torture test our Ektacron® product by 'cooking' samples in boiling water for up to 6 hours to demonstrate its durability and reliability.

But we don't stop there. We've taken the most obvious flaw in the door frame - the brick mould miters where two pieces connect- and turned it into a strength, developing our trademarked Rigid-Loc™ fastening system that we use in
all our door frame construction. Rigid-Loc™ is simply
the strongest, cleanest way to fasten door frame
components together.

Our latest innovation, the introduction of our customized software system, allows our customers to 'create' their door, in their home with the expertise of one of our dealers.