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Avanti Door Panels

The Avanti collection of Doors by Inkster features the Smooth Look of insulated steel door panels or optional smooth finish insulated fiberglass door panels.

Steel door panels feature a Prefinished-White Steel maintenance free surface. As an option, door panels may be painted in a number of standard colours or may be custom painted in the colour of your choice.

Fiberglass door panels feature a thick, resilient fiberglass skin that offers superior protection from dents and bumps. Fiberglass panels come in a Smooth Primer – White surface that may be painted in one of our standard or custom colours.

Both steel door panels and fiberglass door panels are highly insulated energy-efficient products.



Avanti door panels, whether steel or fiberglass, are paired up with our trademarked Ektacron® Doorframe System to add strength and beauty and complete the smooth look. The Prefinished White Ektacron® frame system may also be painted in the same colour options as the door panels.


Choose Your Avanti Style

Choose your style of door panel from either the steel door panel or fiberglass door panel selector guide. Then choose the style of glass from the glass style selector.

Steel Door Panel Style Selector Guide
Smooth Fiberglass Door Panel Style Selector Guide
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