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As a young man, Samuel Glowa worked in the wood products industry manufacturing millwork products as well as products for the window and door industry, and gained expertise in setting up and operating key pieces of equipment. When he ventured out on his own, starting Inkster Park Millwork Ltd. in Winnipeg in 1966 (along with his wife Mary), it did not take long for people in the industry who knew his reputation for precision milling of wood products to seek him out and start sending orders to Inkster Park Millwork Ltd.

Over the years wooden window and door frames were supplied to a many commercial and residential projects. Millwork components and cabinets were also supplied to new commercial buildings, including some high profile projects.

Sam and Mary’s four sons all worked in the business growing up, becoming proficient in all aspects of the manufacturing business, and learned to make the products as good as they could possibly be made. This important foundation of striving to manufacture the Best in Quality was learned at an early age.

Over time, as the market moved away from wood windows and doors, Inkster Park Millwork changed its focus. In 1994, in response to the window and door markets looking for more maintenance free products, Inkster Park Millwork Invented and Trademarked the Ektacron® Vinyl Wrapped Maintenance Free Profile System for doorframes and other window and door accessories. With Its newly acquired, specialized, European Profile Wrapping Equipment Inkster Park Millwork began manufacture of its Ektacron® profile system.

Along with the sales of Ektacron® door frame profiles to other companies, for the manufacture of their own door systems, Inkster Park Millwork Ltd. began pre-hanging and selling its own residential steel entrance door systems in its new Ektacron® door frame system. Accessory profiles for window systems were also manufactured. With its knowledge in vinyl wrapping of milled wood profiles, Inkster Park Millwork Ltd. also became experts in the wrapping of real wood veneers onto the inside facing surfaces of fiberglass window profiles. 

With its primary focus now on the manufacture of Ektacron® components, as well as prehung entrance door systems, Inkster Park Millwork Ltd. moved away from the supply of Millwork Products to new commercial buildings. Sales of interior mouldings, primarily to contractors, as well as door and window companies, became another focus (with a heavier emphasis on vinyl wrapped moulding sales).

There were many “Firsts” along the way.

Inkster Park Millwork Ltd. was the First Profile Wrapping Facility in Canada to utilize the newly developed, environmentally friendly, Polyurethane Reactive Hotmelt Adhesive System (possibly the third in North America).

Inkster Park Millwork Ltd. was the First Company in Canada to order a new generation of Moulder Machine whose Cutter Heads Operate at a Speed of 12,000 RPM (double that of the previous generation of machines).

Inkster Park Millwork Ltd. Invented and Trademarked its RIGID-LOC Fastening and Locking Systems for Window and Door component assembly.

Custom Software was developed for Configuring, Quoting, and Ordering of its custom sized entrance door products.

Our premises have expanded several times over the years. The first building was constructed in 1966. Expansions took place in 1976, 1979, and 1983. In 1984 the land and building adjacent to the original property was acquired. Our largest expansion took place in 2005 and incorporated the land and buildings on both properties.

In 2020 the Company began its quest to manufacture a fiberglass window system. Considerable effort was expended on Research and Development and then Laboratory Testing of the system, with the result that in late 2022, Inkster Park Millwork Ltd. began production of the EnerVista TM Fiberglass Window System.

Three of the Sons (Gary, Terry, Michael) are the Owners and Managers of the Company today and carry on the Tradition of Manufacturing Excellence that was learned so many years ago.

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