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So, what is in the sauce?

What sets us apart from the crowd? Why do you need an entrance Door by Inkster?

In addition to the obvious look and feel of quality, unmatched attention to detail, and a long history of manufacturing in the industry… there’s much more!

An Entrance Door System is made up of a number of assemblies and components, all precisely manufactured to work together as a system; the Door Panel itself (with or without glass), the Doorframe (door jamb, brickmould, and door sill), as well as Hinges, Hardware and other components that marry the assemblies together. Each component plays an important role in the operation of the system, and the selection and accuracy of manufacture of these components is what separates the best door systems from the “not so good” ones.

The Inkster Difference: Every component of each door we create meets our uncompromising standards – Inkster Park quality is the industry benchmark.

Learn About the 9 Door System Features That Make Us The Best

1) The Right Door Frame: The Ektacron® Difference

The heart of our doorframe, the Ektacron® Vinyl Wrapped Profile System was invented by Inkster Park Millwork Ltd. in 1993, to address the need for maintenance free doorframe components. The Ektacron® System combines the best properties of the two materials: the tough, heavy-gauge, maintenance-free, UV stable vinyl (PVC) surface with a strong, rigid, specially milled wood core. The result is a beautiful doorframe that is more rigid and stiffer than cellular foam PVC or plastic composite door frames. It’s the robustness of the Ektacron® doorframe that helps keep the door straight and true. For those who prefer, we also have cellular PVC / plastic composite as an option.

2) RIGID-LOC® Fastening System

Brickmould is the outside trim on a doorframe. It’s like a “picture frame around a picture”. It has to be Right. If the corners of the picture frame (mitres) are sloppy it really shows. Most brickmould miters are nailed or screwed together and rarely are they even and true. Inkster Park Millwork has taken this most obvious flaw in the doorframe, the brickmould mitres, and turned it into a strength, developing our Trademarked RIGID-LOC® BOWTIE FASTENER. RIGID-LOC® systems are simply the strongest, cleanest way to fasten Brickmould components together. RIGID-LOC® Fastening Systems are used to fasten the Brickmould components together as well as for the attachment of the Brickmould assembly to the doorframe. Other types of RIGID-LOC® FASTENING SYSTEMS are used throughout the construction of our entry door systems.

3) Door Sill-Foundation of Strength

A strong, solid door sill is the foundation of a premium entrance door system.

Have you ever stepped onto a door sill and felt it bend or flex under your weight?

As the entrance door industry has moved to thinner and thinner door sills to save cost, Inkster Park Millwork has continued to manufacture door sills much heavier than the industry. Our RIGID-LOC® sill extension fastening system makes the sill system even stronger. Inkster Park Millwork premium door sills are designed for the strength and stiffness required to prevent flexing. And ….You can’t make a rigid doorframe with a thin sill–there’s just not enough structure to hold the frame square and true. Strength and rigidity of the foundation — you can’t build anything good without it!

4) Big Hinges for Strength

If you asked, “Where’s the Beef”?… It’s in Our Hinges!!

Heavy doors require strong hinges.

Standard residential rated hinges, that are the standard for others, just won’t cut it for Inkster Park Millwork.

Inkster Park Millwork uses heavy Commercial Grade Ball Bearing Hinges that are 40% thicker than residential rated hinges ( .130″ vs .095″ leaf thickness ).

Doors by Inkster are designed to carry heavy loads with ease and operate smoothly for years.

5) Weatherstrip - Seal It Tight

Weather sealing is a critical feature in the operation of the entrance door system.

Doors by Inkster utilize a special long reach weatherstrip designed to work in our extreme climate. Corners are formed and fitted for superior weathertight performance. The RIGID-LOC® system locks the weatherstrip in tight.

In addition, a multi fin door sweep is used to seal the door panel to the sill, along with special corner seals designed to shut out the harsh elements.

6) High Security - Peace of Mind

Experience the confidence that comes with superior break-in protection! The question is, “How do we keep the door securely latched”?

A smarter stronger striker plate system is the answer!

The striker plate is the device on the doorframe that the door panel latches into. Most handles and deadbolts come with a simple flat plate striker, screwed to the face of the doorframe– not very strong, easy to break into.

Doors by Inkster use a High-Security Wraparound Metal Striker Plate Assembly that wraps around and is fastened to the back of the doorframe. When the complete door unit is installed into the rough opening in the house, with long screws fastened right through the High-Security Striker Assembly, into the wall studs, the doorframe becomes extremely resistant to break in.

Adjustability; As an added feature, the High-Security Striker Plate Assembly is adjustable, allowing the homeowner to adjust the amount of pressure against the doorframe’s weatherstrip, season by season, if desired. The high security striker plate assembly is part of the RIGID-LOC® family of fastening & locking systems.

7) The Right Fit

Door sizing, and doorframe sizing, has varied substantially over the history of entrance doors in our market.

As a result, trying to fit a standard “off the shelf” door unit into an existing home is usually not an easy task. It can be like trying to fit a “square peg into a round hole”. Cutting and trimming on a doorframe or “trying to make the house fit the door” usually doesn’t turn out that well and rarely results in a professional-looking finished product.

Replacing a door unit in an existing home typically requires special sizing.

At Inkster Park Millwork we custom build each Entrance Doorway System (frame depth, width, height, brickmould measurement, and configuration) to fit the home it is going into. Custom fitting a new doorway into an existing home is the best way to ensure a clean, professional finish. The look of the final product will be worth the extra effort.

8) The Right Door Panel

When it comes to choosing a new entry door system for your home, it can feel like a daunting task. Not only is there an incredible selection of door styles to choose from, but you also must take into consideration the material of the door.

Insulated fiberglass and insulated steel are the two door panel options offered by Inkster Park Millwork. Fiberglass and steel are both resistant to the elements, easy to maintain, provide similar energy efficiency, and offer a variety of style options.

At Inkster Park Millwork, we partner with industry leaders who provide door panels that are reliable and stylish. For more information on door styles see the DaVinci Collection and the Avanti Collection.

9) The Right Glass

At Inkster Park Millwork, we work with some of the best glass producers in North America, to offer thousands of options. Each piece that comes into our plant is rigorously inspected. If it doesn’t pass, it doesn’t go to your home.



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