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In Today’s World when considering Windows, a Focus on Energy Efficiency is of utmost importance. At the same time there is a desire for larger windows, more glass area, a greater Vista. Hence the origin of our Brand,  EnerVista™ Window Systems.

1) Superior Design for Our Northern Climate

Foundation of Strength;  The strength and rigidity of the fibreglass framing system is the Foundation of the EnerVista™ Window System.

Insulated Frame;  The profile chambers of the fibreglass frame and sash are fitted with foam insulation for superb energy performance.

Manufacturing Precision;  The fibreglass window framing and sash are manufactured to exacting tolerances to achieve the aesthetics required, as well as the ultimate strength expected from a high performance window system.

Superior Weatherstrip System;  The heart of the window system performance is the design, installation, and attachment specifics of the RIGID-LOC® Triple Weatherstrip System. Weatherstrip corners are precisely form fitted and fastidiously coped to create a very tight seal,  something rarely seen on other systems.

Superior Test Results;  Window systems are subjected to stringent laboratory tests (by a nationally certified laboratory) for water penetration, air infiltration and exfiltration, as well as structural tests to determine extreme performance limitations, under the requirements of NAFS (North American Fenestration Standard). EnerVista™ Window Systems Achieved Superior Results when subjected to the NAFS Performance Tests (Test Results available on request).

2) Outstanding Energy Efficiency, Exceeding Performance Standards

High-Performance Glazing is a key part of the energy efficiency and performance of any window system.

EnerVista™ Window Systems incorporate the products of Guardian Glass, one of the largest producers of insulated glass products in the world.

Glass units utilize “ Superspacer” Brand silicone spacer bars (the perimeter spacer that separates the glass panes in the sealed glass unit) which provides better resistance to thermal transfer than metal spacer bars, which are used by many others.

Triple glazing with multiple Low E surfaces are incorporated to achieve outstanding energy efficiency.

Laboratory tests have been conducted to measure Energy Performance; the test results have been certified by national accreditation organizations and the performance achievements are displayed on Canada’s” Energy Star” website.

The results displayed on the “Energy Star” website show EnerVista™ Window System products qualify for the “Canada Greener Homes Initiative”, including the prestigious “Energy Star Most Efficient Models”. Results also qualify for various Provincial energy programs.

3) RIGID-LOC®* Corner Attachment System

EnerVista™ Window Systems has a novel method for attachment of the fibreglass corners of the window frame and sash components. Rather than using metal corner inserts or other screwed-in inserts, the EnerVista™ Window System injects specialized adhesive into the profile openings at the corners of the window. The sophisticated high tech equipment used in the process ensures repeatability and consistency for every corner.

By combining a high performance cross-linking adhesive system together with state-of-the-art sealants, we have developed our RIGID-LOC® Corner Attachment System which ensures corners are locked together and tightly sealed to prevent any air or moisture penetration.

Our own Research and Development has proven to us that other fibreglass corner attachment methods can have deficiencies.

Other manufacturers use metal corner inserts that can affect the thermal performance of the window. Some do use non-metallic inserts. However, both methods can rely on attachment screws which not only contribute to thermal losses, but also present a potential source of moisture penetration.

The RIGID-LOC® Corner Attachment System employed in the EnerVista Window System clearly is the most thermally efficient, in addition to having its strong, leakproof corners.


*RIGID-LOC® Defined
RIGID-LOC® describes the various Fastening, Joining, Locking, and Sealing Systems and Mechanisms Designed and Developed, or Adopted, in Inkster Park Millwork’s Window and Door Product Design and Manufacture. RIGID-LOC® is a Registered Trademark of Inkster Park Millwork Ltd. in North America.

4) Revolutionary FlexScreen System

Inkster Park Millwork Ltd. with its EnerVista™ Window System is the First Fibreglass window system manufactured in Canada to incorporate the Revolutionary FlexScreen System.

Traditional window screens are bulky and flimsy aluminum frames that bend and damage easily, require colour matching, and impede your view to the outside. Traditional screen attachment hardware methods can make screen removal and installation difficult and frustrating.

The FlexScreen system solves all of these problems with its innovative, award-winning, patented design. The FlexScreen design incorporates a sleek, flexible perimeter frame made of spring-steel, coated in exterior-grade PVC. The spring steel frame itself is practically indestructible, scratch resistant, and impervious to weather extremes.

The unique EnerVista™ Fibreglass window frame is designed and manufactured with its Trademarked RIGID-LOC® Screen Retention Pocket, allowing the FlexScreen to be flexed, inserted, and locked into the screen retention pocket. The FlexScreen frame is hidden in the screen retention pocket, eliminating the need for colour matching, and dramatically improving sightlines, since the screen frame is no longer visible.

With FlexScreen in the EnerVista™ window system, you’ll enjoy the entire Vista!

The FlexScreen system is the ultimate in aesthetics and performance!

Check out the video on YouTube!

5) Outstanding Paint Finish

What’s in a Paint Coating? Not just any paint process will do for fiberglass!!

The primary coating system for EnerVista fiberglass window components is an environmentally friendly waterborne coating (sequoia coatings) applied using a vacuum coating linear application process to achieve uniform coverage and excellent adhesion. The finish is then baked at 300°f (149°c) to achieve superior hardness.

This state-of-the-art technology meets the stringent specification requirements of AAMA 624.

Accessory components and profiles, as well as low-volume colours may be coated using alternate paint and paint processes, while still meeting the requirements of AAMA 624.

What is AAMA?
AAMA is the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, the internationally recognized certification body that developed the certification specifications and test procedures for coatings applied to Fiberglass Reinforced Thermoset Profiles.

What is AAMA 624?
AAMA 624 is the voluntary specification, performance requirements and test procedures for “high-performance organic coatings” on fiber reinforced thermoset profiles.

Not only the paint, but also the applicator’s paint process and painting facility are all included as part of the certification process!

Included as part of the test procedures are the following:

Initial film thickness, colour uniformity, specular gloss, dry film hardness, film adhesion (including dry adhesion, wet adhesion, as well as adhesion in boiling water), direct impact, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, detergent resistance, window cleaner resistance, humidity resistance, cold crack cycle, oven aging, and weather exposure!!!

Wow, those are stringent tests for certification of a paint process!

A lot of paint systems are not even “heat reflective” and would have little chance of meeting these test requirements.

When evaluating a fiberglass window manufacturer, it is of utmost importance to verify if the paint, paint process, and paint facility is AAMA Certified. Copies of certification reports should be provided when asked for.

6) High Performance Window Hardware

Modern, Stylish Window Hardware, with Robust Multi Point Locking System to Ensure a Positive Seal (available in several finishes).

Hardware Components are sourced from Top Names in the Window Industry such as Radisson and Truth, for Performance and Reliability.

7) Superior Workmanship

Inkster Park Millwork Ltd. has earned a solid reputation in the manufacture of entrance door systems over many decades. Our EnerVista™ Window System follows the same formula.

Starting with superior design capabilities, and applying sound engineering principles, as well as attention to detail in manufacturing, has resulted in impeccable performance of the window system, as evidenced by our superior test results.

8) Why Fibreglass Is the Right Material For Windows!

Better sealing of the Glass to the Window Frame / Sash
It’s all in the Science!

Window Glass and Fibreglass Framing Materials have similar Coefficients of Thermal Expansion.

So what does that mean?

With changes in temperature the Glass in your windows and the Fibreglass Window Framing ( and Sash) Components expand or contract almost the same amount, thereby minimizing the stress between the glass and the framing as the temperature changes.

Conversely, with other window framing materials, such as PVC or Aluminum, the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion is very different from the window glass. With extreme movement of PVC or Aluminum Framing relative to the Window Glass as the temperature changes, the seal between the window frame and the glass may be compromised over time.

Let’s look at an example:
If we have installed window glass in a fibreglass window frame that is 8 feet long, and the temperature changes from +80°F (+27°C) down to -40°F (-40°C) with seasonal changes, the window glass and the fibreglass window frame will shrink (in unison) approximately 1/16 of an inch.

Conversely, if we install the window glass in a PVC window frame of the same size, as we go through the same seasonal change in temperature, the window glass will still shrink approximately 1/16 of an inch, while the PVC window frame will shrink over 1/2 of an inch!!

Not the best recipe for maintaining a good seal.

With this clear Scientific Advantage, the Life Expectancy of Fibreglas Windows is considerably improved over other materials.

Energy Efficiency
Fibreglass is much less thermally conductive than aluminum and other framing materials.

This property means fibreglass framing has a high resistance to heat loss, for much improved energy efficiency, and increased resistance to condensation.

Larger Windows
The glass fibre reinforcement of Fibreglass window profiles gives the windows superior strength to other window materials, such as PVC, allowing much larger windows to be built, with slimmer frame designs, for larger viewing areas.

Fibreglass Is a Stable Material in All Climates
When subjected to extreme heat or cold, Fibreglass Remains Stable, with Minimal Expansion or Contraction.

No Problem with Dark Colours
Fibreglass is a Thermosetting Material, meaning that once cured, it Cannot Be Softened by Reheating.

PVC on the other hand can be softened with heat, and will become pliable at temperatures of 155°F (60°C), which can lead to deformation of the frame components on a hot day, especially if painted with dark, heat absorbing colours.

Since Fibreglass window framing remains stable and is unaffected by elevated temperatures, it can be painted with darker colours without fear of any negative effects.

Long Life Cycle and Cost-Effective
When comparing the initial cost of Fibreglass Windows to PVC windows, Fibreglass windows are typically higher in cost, depending on brands, but over time will pay for themselves due to the longer life expectancy.

Environmentally Friendly
Fibreglass Profiles are environmentally friendly due to their superior energy performance and longevity.

9) Fibreglass Pultrusion Process

Fibreglass window profiles are manufactured in a process called “Pultrusion”.

In this process, strands of fibreglass roving, as well as fibreglass mat are “pulled” through a resin bath and on through a heated die that is in the shape of the desired window profile. The embedded glass roving and glass mat are the ingredients that give the profiles superior strength to other window frame materials.

The resin hardens as it is pulled through the die, resulting in a smooth, rigid window profile.

The fibreglass window profiles for the EnerVista™ Window System are pultruded in Winnipeg Manitoba, by a Company with decades of experience in the pultrusion of fibreglass window profiles. They are truly Leaders in the Industry.

10) Options

Exterior Options

  • Brickmold with Integral Nailing Fin (4 sides)
  • Brickmould (on 3 sides) with Optional Sill Profile
  • RIGIC-LOC® Snap Cap can be added to 4 sides
  • Wide Brickmould Options
  • Nail Fin Option (in lieu of Brickmould)

Interior Options

  • Standard Style Drywall Return (RIGID-LOC®)
  • Hidden Drywall Return
  • Jamb Extension (various styles available)

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