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So, what is so unique about us?


Our products are strong and true, so are our people. We use the best materials and have excellent manufacturing methods, but, to use a cooking analogy, “It’s not just the ingredients and the recipe, the Cook Matters the Most”.

Look at any successful company, it’s the people in the business that make the difference. Our people are experienced, most have been with us for many years, some for decades. We couldn’t do it without the knowledge, experience, and dedication of our people!


It all starts with our Philosophy; we simply want to build the best- The Best Entrance Doors, The Best Mouldings, The Best Windows, and The Best Components.

Tina Turner sang it, “You’re Simply The Best”.

With over 57 years in business, we’ve enjoyed long-term relationships with many of our Dealers, Customers, and Staff. We feel that’s because we are a Family-Owned business built on a tradition of Respect, Caring, and Constant Improvement. We take pride in offering a product and level of service to our dealers and customers that exceeds expectations.

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Reputation for Highest Industry Quality

In our industry, the Inkster Park Millwork Brand is synonymous with the word Quality.

Everybody uses the word Quality, but we’ve lived it for over 57 years; it’s in our DNA!

There are no shortcuts to building top-quality products, whether we’re building entrance door systems, manufacturing mouldings, fiberglass windows, or other components. We don’t build the skinniest, thinnest, cheapest products because they simply wouldn’t hold up in the real world, not in our environment, not in our climate! It’s rarely the cheapest choice that makes people proud of their purchase. We manufacture enduring value.


We are always THINKING of how we can do things even better.

Over the years there have been a number of innovations that have contributed to our success.

Profile Laminating Technology, that we pioneered in 1994, was the first installation in Canada to use Environmentally Friendly Adhesive Technology and was used to develop the Ektacron® moulding profile system. Ektacron® vinyl wrapped door jamb and brickmould profiles are the heart of the Inkster Park Millwork Doorframe System. You can’t have a good entrance door system without a good doorframe, and we invented the best.

Milling of wood profiles to exacting tolerances has always been a core competency of Inkster Park Millwork. A number of years ago we became the first company in Canada to order a new high-speed moulder whose technology was a quantum leap above existing equipment technology available (with double the cutting head speeds of the previous generation of machines, 12,000 RPM VERSUS 6,000 RPM).

We invented the RIGID-LOC® Bowtie Fastening System to make our Brickmould Mitres incredibly strong and aesthetically perfect so that our door frames were not only rigid, but looked perfect as well. RIGID-LOC® Brickmould Anchors were developed to fasten the brickmould to the doorframe without using fasteners through the brickmould face, resulting in a very clean look. Other Fastening and Locking systems were developed for windows and doors under the RIGID-LOC® Trademark.

Our specialty is custom sizing for the renovation industry. Typically software programs, for entrance doors, only deal with basic standard sizes used in new construction.

We have developed our own Custom Software System used for the configuring, quoting, and ordering of entrance door products in a multitude of sizing variations, required to serve the renovation industry.

We continue to look at new products and processes to keep us at the forefront of our industry.

Artist Rendition of the THE THINKER Statue


With some companies it’s all about making money; after sales service and consults may not be as important to them, since it’s a “cost”.

At Inkster Park Millwork, dealing with after sales service and any warranty question is part of who we are. At Inkster Park Millwork, we have a reputation to maintain.

Our moral compass always points to integrity.


Making the Right Choice;

In our quest to introduce profile wrapping technology to our business, we made a very important decision to choose a profile wrapping adhesive system that was Environmentally Friendly (polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesive system) and rejected the more common and dangerous (both for the environment as well as our employees) solvent based systems. The solvent based systems contained some very harsh chemicals and were set to be outlawed in some jurisdictions, such as California.

Inkster Park Millwork Ltd. was the First Profile Wrapping Facility in Canada to use this newly developed environmentally friendly adhesive.

Social Responsibility;

At Inkster Park Millwork Ltd. we make a conscious effort to minimize waste in the material we use in the manufacture of our products, not just for environmental sustainability reasons, but it just makes good business sense as well.

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