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What is the DaVinci by Inkster?

The DaVinci is a Prefinished Woodgrain Entrance Door and Frame System that provides the Authentic Look of Real Wood without the maintenance and deterioration issues that inevitably arise when real wood is used outside in our climate. The DaVinci System starts with Inkster Park Millwork’s unique and innovative Ektacron® Doorframe System. However, instead of the standard white surface, a Prefinished Woodgrain Vinyl Surface is bonded to the rigid wood core. The Factory Infused Woodgrain Finish means the doorframe surface will retain its authentic woodgrain look without any maintenance required.

The door panels and sidelight panels used in the DaVinci System are Woodgrain Textured Fiberglass. These panels arrive at our factory unfinished, and our Professional Finishers factory apply a high quality stain to the panels with a technique that truly blends art and science, highlighting the grain and embossings of the panels resulting in the authentic look of finished wood. The panels are then coated with two coats of exterior grade, UV inhibiting, clear finish to preserve the stain finish.

The Woodgrain Textured Fiberglas door panels feature a thick, resilient fiberglass skin that offers superior protection from dents and bumps, as well as being highly insulated energy-efficient products.

How is the DaVinci Prefinished Wood Grain Door System Superior to other woodgrain systems?

The Factory Infused Woodgrain Finish of the DaVinci Doorframe Does Not Require Maintenance To Preserve Its Finish. Most competitor door frames are made from plastic composite with a woodgrain textured that must be stained and coated to achieve a wood look. Any stained and coated product exposed to UV and exterior elements may require occasional recoating of the clear top coat (possibly every 2 to 5 years, depending on exposure to the sun) to preserve the stain finish. With Inkster Park Millwork’s DaVinci System only the door panel and sidelight panels are stained and clear coated, where competitor’s products must have the complete door frame system, as well as the door and sidelight panels stained and clear coated. A distinct advantage of less maintenance with the DaVinci System.

Not all staining processes are created equal!  Many competitors merely spray their door panels, sidelight panels, and door frames with a Solid Colour Stain, which more closely resembles a painted surface and does not give the Authentic Prefinished Wood Highlights of the DaVinci System. A clear advantage for the DaVinci Prefinished Woodgrain Door System.

As an alternative to staining, Woodgrain Textured door panels May Be Painted in a number of standard or optional colours, to create the unique look of a painted door with a genuine woodgrain textured surface.

Choosing Your DaVinci Style

DaVinci Woodgrain Systems may be configured in many different styles including single entry doors, doors with sidelights, doors with transoms, garden and terrace doors, as well as many multiunit combinations.

After choosing the desired configuration, the next step is to choose the style of textured door panel from the Woodgrain Textured Door Panel Style Guide. Then choose the style of glass from the Glass Style Selector Guide.

Woodgrain Door Panel Guide
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